Isa Lashko

I first heard about Isa Leshko a couple years ago, not long after she published Thrills and Chills, her first book of photography. All I knew of the photographer and the project was that she used a Holga to photograph amusement parks and carnival rides. My … Keep readingIsa Lashko

Robin Schwartz

“An artist photographing her child can invite ridicule.” That’s what photographer Robin Schwartz says in her artist’s statement. And ain’t it the truth. The operative term in that sentence, I think, is “her.” An artist photographing her child. That’s the Flickr cliché, isn’t it—the ubiquitous … Keep readingRobin Schwartz

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Giacomo Brunelli

He calls it ‘animal focused street photography.’ To me, that seems the perfect designation. What Giacomo Brunelli does isn’t really wildlife photography, though many of the animals he photographs are undeniably feral. It’s certainly not pet photography, although some of the creatures he photographs are … Keep readingGiacomo Brunelli

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William Wegman

Imagine taking a fairly common idea and doing it so well that nobody ever expects–or allows–you to have another. Everybody who has both a camera and a dog has eventually turned the former on the latter. How could they not? Dogs are inherently photographable. But … Keep readingWilliam Wegman

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Nick Brandt

In 1995 Nick Brandt was in Tanzania directing a music video for Michael Jackson. When the shooting for the video was complete, Brandt took some time off to visit a nearby wildlife preserve. It was apparently one of those pivotal life experiences. A few years … Keep readingNick Brandt

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Pentti Sammallahti

The photograph below was my introduction to Finnish photographer Pentti Sammallahti. I was completely charmed by it and immediately wanted to see more of the photographer’s work. I discovered that in some ways, this photo wasn’t necessarily representative of the scope of Sammallahti’s work; it’s … Keep readingPentti Sammallahti

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