Adolfo Kaminsky

There are lives that seem more like works of fiction. Photographer Adolfo Kaminsky, who died last week at the age of 97, had one of those lives. In fact, a rather large chunk of his life revolved around fiction. Adolfo Kaminsky was also known as … Keep readingAdolfo Kaminsky

Bruce Gilden

Bruce Gilden offends me. His photographs offend me. His approach to photography offends me. Even his success as a photographer offends me. I like that about Bruce Gilden. I’m actually glad he’s out there offending me. I think it’s important for the craft and art … Keep readingBruce Gilden

Wim Wenders

He’s best known as a filmmaker, of course. Wings of Desire, The State of Things, and Paris, Texas. Wim Wenders has made more than forty films – mainly feature films and documentaries. He’s won international cinema awards by the truckload. Wenders is also a skilled … Keep readingWim Wenders

Mishka Henner (part 2)

In my morning news-reader today was an article headlined Probing Question: Are Smartphones Changing Photography? The lede is: Although cell phone cameras are a recent innovation, they continue nearly 150 years of tradition that photography should be broadly accessible and an extension of our own … Keep readingMishka Henner (part 2)

Mishka Henner (part 1)

We all know how to do photography. You take a camera in hand, you find a thing you want to photograph, you point the camera at that thing, you release the shutter. The photographer has a reason for taking that photograph; the photographer decides what … Keep readingMishka Henner (part 1)

Eva Besnyö

There was a generation of Hungarian photographers – all born around the beginning of the 20th century – who left Hungary at a young age and scattered their talent all over western Europe. Among them were André Kertész, Gyula Halász (better known as Brassaï), László … Keep readingEva Besnyö

Lu Guang

There’s not a great deal known about Chinese photographer Lu Guang in the West. A few facts gleaned from a couple of interviews, a sketchy bio saying where and when he went to school, a couple of passing references to groups who’ve hired him, a … Keep readingLu Guang

Jason Eskenazi

I’ve been coming across the name Jason Eskenazi for two or three years now. It’s an easily remembered name. I’ve seen it pop up on the periphery of a conversation about street photography, I’ve heard it mentioned with respect by photographers I trust, I’ve seen … Keep readingJason Eskenazi

Lillian Bassman

It’s Fashion Week in New York City. Twice a year in the major fashion capitals of the world (New York, Paris, London and Milan) designers preview the release of their new designs. Trends are set (or fail), reputations are made (or lost), and millions of … Keep readingLillian Bassman

Richard Kalvar

“What’s always interested me in photography is the way you can play with reality. Photography is based on reality, it looks like reality, but it’s not reality.” The interviews I’ve read with Richard Kalvar suggest he’s not a particularly articulate man. He struggles, it seems, … Keep readingRichard Kalvar