Bruce Gilden

Bruce Gilden offends me. His photographs offend me. His approach to photography offends me. Even his success as a photographer offends me. I like that about Bruce Gilden. I’m actually glad he’s out there offending me. I think it’s important for the craft and art … Keep readingBruce Gilden

Jason Eskenazi

I’ve been coming across the name Jason Eskenazi for two or three years now. It’s an easily remembered name. I’ve seen it pop up on the periphery of a conversation about street photography, I’ve heard it mentioned with respect by photographers I trust, I’ve seen … Keep readingJason Eskenazi

Richard Kalvar

“What’s always interested me in photography is the way you can play with reality. Photography is based on reality, it looks like reality, but it’s not reality.” The interviews I’ve read with Richard Kalvar suggest he’s not a particularly articulate man. He struggles, it seems, … Keep readingRichard Kalvar

Roman Vishniac

I’m often amazed at how large some lives are. The life of Roman Vishniac was large enough for three or four people. Yet, outside a fairly small circle of scientists, historians, and scholars specializing in Jewish history, the name of Roman Vishniac is largely unknown. … Keep readingRoman Vishniac

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Homer Page

How does one measure a successful life? Is the proper metric a rewarding career? A loving relationship? Contentment with the choices one has made? More joy than regrets? What if you lived a long, fulfilling life doing important and interesting work, a life replete with … Keep readingHomer Page

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Berenice Abbott

Berenice Abbott was one of the very few people whose work significantly influenced the course of contemporary photography. That in itself makes her worthy of study. But she did more than that. She influenced the course of photography twice. She did it first by insuring … Keep readingBerenice Abbott

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Ara Güler

Great cities radiate life—and life, of course, is always changing, always in flux, always moving forward. Yet great cities are also grounded very firmly in history, in the lives of people long gone. Great cities append the promises of the future to the guarantees of … Keep readingAra Güler

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Tony Ray-Jones

He was born in 1941 in Wells, Somerset in the Southwest of England, where he was given the unfortunate name of Holroyd Anthony Ray-Jones. His father, an engraver whose work was collected by the British Museum, died when he was only eight months old, after … Keep readingTony Ray-Jones

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Helen Levitt

Helen Levitt has a reputation among art historians and critics. She’s been called “a photographer’s photographer,” “one of the great living poets of urban life,” and “New York’s visual poet laureate.” She’s also been called, sadly but accurately, “the most celebrated and least known photographer … Keep readingHelen Levitt

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Marc Riboud

Is he a street photographer? Yes. Is he a documentary photographer? Yes. A photojournalist? A travel photographer? A portraitist? A fine arts photographer? Yes, yes, yes, and most certainly yes. French photographer Marc Riboud isn’t easily categorized, because he’s never specialized in any particular area … Keep readingMarc Riboud

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