Bruce Gilden

Bruce Gilden offends me. His photographs offend me. His approach to photography offends me. Even his success as a photographer offends me. I like that about Bruce Gilden. I’m actually glad he’s out there offending me. I think it’s important for the craft and art … Keep readingBruce Gilden

Jason Eskenazi

I’ve been coming across the name Jason Eskenazi for two or three years now. It’s an easily remembered name. I’ve seen it pop up on the periphery of a conversation about street photography, I’ve heard it mentioned with respect by photographers I trust, I’ve seen … Keep readingJason Eskenazi

Lillian Bassman

It’s Fashion Week in New York City. Twice a year in the major fashion capitals of the world (New York, Paris, London and Milan) designers preview the release of their new designs. Trends are set (or fail), reputations are made (or lost), and millions of … Keep readingLillian Bassman

Richard Kalvar

“What’s always interested me in photography is the way you can play with reality. Photography is based on reality, it looks like reality, but it’s not reality.” The interviews I’ve read with Richard Kalvar suggest he’s not a particularly articulate man. He struggles, it seems, … Keep readingRichard Kalvar

Isa Lashko

I first heard about Isa Leshko a couple years ago, not long after she published Thrills and Chills, her first book of photography. All I knew of the photographer and the project was that she used a Holga to photograph amusement parks and carnival rides. My … Keep readingIsa Lashko

Joel Sternfeld

If you want to understand the photography of Joel Sternfeld, you have to first understand this: his work has always been about color. I don’t mean ‘color’ in an abstract, purely compositional sort of way; I mean ‘color’ as informed by science and theory. If … Keep readingJoel Sternfeld

Jack London

He’s best known as the author of The Call of the Wild and The Sea Wolf, novels which made him rich. He’s somewhat less well known as a journalist and social activist—though in his time he worked as a war correspondent for newspapers and magazines, … Keep readingJack London

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Andrew Moore

I’m not going to be entirely fair to photographer Andrew Moore. Moore is a well-respected fine arts photographer whose work centers around the intersection of history and culture as manifested through architecture. He’s spent most of the last decade and a half creating brilliant images … Keep readingAndrew Moore

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Andrew Miksys

When he was eleven years old Andrew Miksys went with his parents to a bingo parlor, where a special session for children was being held. He won US$300. “Overnight, bingo entered my life as this magical game that brought me treasure and the envy of … Keep readingAndrew Miksys

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Robin Schwartz

“An artist photographing her child can invite ridicule.” That’s what photographer Robin Schwartz says in her artist’s statement. And ain’t it the truth. The operative term in that sentence, I think, is “her.” An artist photographing her child. That’s the Flickr cliché, isn’t it—the ubiquitous … Keep readingRobin Schwartz

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