Wim Wenders

He’s best known as a filmmaker, of course. Wings of Desire, The State of Things, and Paris, Texas. Wim Wenders has made more than forty films – mainly feature films and documentaries. He’s won international cinema awards by the truckload. Wenders is also a skilled … Keep readingWim Wenders

Joel Sternfeld

If you want to understand the photography of Joel Sternfeld, you have to first understand this: his work has always been about color. I don’t mean ‘color’ in an abstract, purely compositional sort of way; I mean ‘color’ as informed by science and theory. If … Keep readingJoel Sternfeld

Andrew Moore

I’m not going to be entirely fair to photographer Andrew Moore. Moore is a well-respected fine arts photographer whose work centers around the intersection of history and culture as manifested through architecture. He’s spent most of the last decade and a half creating brilliant images … Keep readingAndrew Moore

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Evžen Sobek

We tend to list and classify photographers according to vaguely cultural categories. Irish photographers, gay photographers, African-American photographers, women photographers, Buddhist photographers. The underlying idea is that these categories all have a distinctive sensibility—an ability or capacity to view the world and express that view … Keep readingEvžen Sobek

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Christian Houge

There’s a small chain of islands located north of the Arctic Circle–about midway between Norway and the North Pole–known collectively as Svalbard (“the cold edge”). The islands are pretty much equidistant between Norway, Russia and Greenland, right at the juncture of the Norwegian Sea, the … Keep readingChristian Houge

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André Kertész

“Whatever we have done,” Henri Cartier-Bresson once said (referring to himself, Robert Capa, and Brassaï), “Kertész did first.” That wasn’t entirely accurate, but it demonstrates the respect André Kertész elicited from his fellow photographers. Despite such statements, though, Kertész never felt his work was fully … Keep readingAndré Kertész

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Sebastian Schutyser

I wonder, sometimes, if there is something about a childhood spent away from ‘home’ that instills in one a desire to travel. Sebastian Schutyser, for example, was born in the city of Bruges in 1968—but he spent his childhood in Zaïre (what was once called … Keep readingSebastian Schutyser

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Robin Schwartz

“An artist photographing her child can invite ridicule.” That’s what photographer Robin Schwartz says in her artist’s statement. And ain’t it the truth. The operative term in that sentence, I think, is “her.” An artist photographing her child. That’s the Flickr cliché, isn’t it—the ubiquitous … Keep readingRobin Schwartz

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Stephen Shore

When looking at Stephen Shore’s photographs for the first time, I suspect the reaction of most people (and I include myself in this group) would be some variation of WTF? For a lot of folks, that’s also the second and third reaction, and for many … Keep readingStephen Shore

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Michal Chelbin

Some people are confused by her name. Let’s clear that up quickly. Michal Chelbin is a woman. She was born in the Israeli city of Haifa in 1974, became interested photography at age 15 and attended a high school for the arts. After high school … Keep readingMichal Chelbin

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